1 - Do you recommend your soap for facial washing?

Of course... Soap from the Comptoir des Savonniers does not leave your facial skin dry, tight or cause any other uncomfortable sensation. Nor does it clog your pores. Thanks to our fabrication process and contrary to industrial or hot-processed soaps, our soaps contain 25% natural moisturising and emollient glycerine. Non-saponified vegetable oils also bring great softness to our soaps, much to the benefit of your facial skin.

2 - Do you recommend using Comptoir des Savonniers soap as solid shampoo?

Our cold-processed soaps are perfectly suitable for hair washing. For the same reasons that our soap is excellent for your skin, it will have surprising results on your hair! Prefer natural hair treatments to any aggressive and abrasive detergent... Nevertheless, we recommend rinsing your hair using a lotion with a touch of vinegar or lemon in order to restore its PH balance (that is not necessary for short hair).

3 - How many times can I use a 200g bar of soap from Comptoir des Savonniers ?

This depends on your shower habits and how old your soap is. It can offer between 50 and 80 uses on average. Some advice: - avoid leaving the soap in water when you have finished using it. - After your shower, the soap should be kept in a dry place, and placed on its side for better drying conditions.

4 - Your soaps are "superfatted". What does this mean?

Thanks to the saponification process, the precious oils we use remain unchanged (non-saponified) in the soap (after saponification). These vegetable oils and butters will then nourish, hydrate, enrich and protect your skin... But above all our soap can guarantee an extremely soft wash since it offers a milder detergent action. The significant presence of natural glycerine makes us stand apart from other types of soap.

5 - Does your soap contain real natural vegetable glycerine?

Yes, it does. Our method causes vegetable glycerine to be produced naturally during the saponification and to stabilize in the soap. Industrial soap makers (99% of soap production) remove the glycerine during fabrication in order to sell it to the cosmetic industry at a higher price than soap. Real traditional soap makers (who use cold-processing) such as the Comptoir des Savonniers (and others) leave the glycerine in the soap which therefore retains all of its moisturising and emollient properties* (*softening).

6 - What is the PH value of your Comptoir des Savonniers soap?

The PH value of real soap made by a Master Soapmaker lies between 8 and 9. The idea that it is necessary to use cosmetics with a neutral PH value (PH7) is a myth (that is fostered by  chemical manufacturers). After it has been washed with soap, it only takes a few minutes for your skin to re-adjust its PH value. The “superfat” effect avoids any feeling of tightness or dryness.

7 - Would you recommend your soap for sensitive / very sensitive skin?

Yes, without the slightest hesitation! Thanks to their well-balanced formulas and to the cold-process saponification method, our soaps offer the best possible result for sensitive skin. Added glycerine and oils (our soaps are enriched with precious vegetable oils and fats) help wash your skin with extreme softness.

8 - Is your soap good for my eczema?

We recommend that you discuss this point with your dermatologist since we do not have his/her qualifications. We cannot say that our soaps possess medicinal properties as long as we do not carry out medical experiments and have them certified as medicines.

However, many of our regular users have noted a clear improvement in their skin conditions.

We suggest that you try our soaps for a few weeks to see for yourself, we feel confident about the results!

9 - How do you account for the price of your soaps?

Our soap is worth much more than industrial soap. The natural ingredients and premium quality scents used, our fabrication process as well as their being hand-cut all explain why our soaps cost more. However, the monthly use cost remains nominal and you will break even in the medium or long-term. Furthermore, their moisturizing effect means they offer real cosmetic cleansing care. The Comptoir des Savonniers therefore provides you with very affordable cleansing care!

10 - Do your soaps contain sodium hydroxide (NaOh) ?

No, they don't. Sodium hydroxide is systematically used in the making of any real traditional or industrial solid soap since soap is the result of a reaction between fatty substances (in our case vegetable oils) and alkali. But no sodium hydroxide remains by the end of the saponification process.

11 - Do your test your soap on animals?

No, of course we don't. Our soaps undergo a battery of regulatory tests and we test them on our own skin! Our soaps are considered “vegan” since they contain no animal matter whatsoever.

12 - Do you have any special offers?

We naturally reward all our customers with various operations throughout the year. To this end, it is necessary to register as a customer on our website www.comptoir-des-savonniers.com .