For eight years now, many Stewards and Stewardesses have enjoyed trying our moisturising soaps at the Comptoir des Savonniers in Antibes.

First of all for their personal use, and then for the customers or guests on the most beautiful yachts calling at our beautiful city.

Our shop strives to meet standards of quality, beauty and originality as well as the expectations of a clientèle that is constantly seeking surprise and satisfaction.

Thanks to our website: we can anticipate the arrival of the boats and prepare the soaps according to the size and scent our customers wish for. And we naturally deliver them straight to the quayside, at your convenience.

Please note that our cold-processed and triple-milled soaps are particularly suited to life at sea and to the aggressions which the skin undergoes when exposed to salt, wind and sea spray.

Based on an across-the-board fabrication quality, our brand offers soaps with a high natural vegetable glycerine content, low detergent content and powerful luxurious scents.

Welcome to the Comptoir des Savonniers’ world of care and sensuality. Have a great visit!.